Main Bits / T&Cs

Pozzitive intends to select (up to) four scripts for “Further Development” with a genuine view to try and submit them to audio broadcasters. This Further Development consists of at least –

  • At least one substantive and detailed script-editing session by multi-award-winning producer/director David Tyler leading to –


  • a fully-rehearsed table read (or mic'd-up performance, to be decided by Pozzitive in due course), by a cast of actors (or your own team if it's a writer/performer-led script) and directed by David Tyler...

  • ... with a view to possible further development by Pozzitive and submission to audio broadcasters, in particular the Radio 4 Commissioning Round which commences Spring 2021

For the avoidance of doubt, Pozzitive herein commit to making all aspects of these activities safe in terms of Covid and in accordance with the AudioUK Production Guidelines.

This intention does not commit Pozzitive to absolutely undertake these developments in all cases.

The choice of which scripts/projects to develop is at Pozzitive’s absolute discretion.

Feedback will not be given on scripts other than those which are going forward into the Further Development.

Ownership and Legals

Ultimately, we’re doing this competition so that you can get a fantastic script away and we can be its producers.


So –

- without entering into a big old formal agreement, Pozzitive would expect to have the exclusive right to carry on developing the script with you and then submitting it to broadcasters, subject always to a broad creative agreement with the originators of the project.

(In English, that means that if we do like it and want to do it, we’d be pretty fed up if you then submitted it a week later via another company. If we can’t get it on anywhere within, say 6 months, it’s all yours again. Oh, and if we all hate each other, then yep, it’s all yours – the relationship would never have worked, Marjorie)


On that note, the script must be something that is -

- completely your own work and not owned or currently in development with any other company (including BBC Studios) and free of any claims that would mess up a clear run at the target. Sounds boring, but if you knock someone else into fifth place and then confess that it’s not available for Pozzitive to work on, we’ll give your home address out to Person Number 5.

Similarly, it must not have been submitted to BBC Radio 4 before.

How to enter

Please send your script to katie@pozzitive.co.uk, as a PDF along with:

  • A (maximum of 200 words) outline of the series &

  • A brief – no more than half a page - bio about you (or your team)

No need to send pages of character notes or long synopses.

If you have representation, you can send it via your agent if you like.

We will confirm receipt of all submissions.


What we’re looking for

A 30 minute radio pilot that would be an episode of a full series. Probably should be intended to be Episode 1, but don’t then make it so different to what might then follow that it’s unrepresentative.

It can be a sitcom OR a narrative/broken comedy-with-a-premise. Unfortunately, we are unable to accept unlinked sketch shows this time out.


  • The competition is open to any writer, writer-performer, or group based in the UK or Ireland

  • You must be aged over 18

  • You must be eligible to work in the UK 


  • Applications will open on November 10th, and close at midnight on January 10th

  • We will aim to let all applicants know the outcome by February 10th at the latest

  • If your script is selected, script editing will take place in February, ready for your script to be performed in early March