UPDATE (01/02/2021) – we’re still reading all your brilliant scripts - and will let everyone know what we’re doing… as soon as we’ve done it!



(11/01/2021) Well, to paraphrase Douglas Adams, the deadline for submitting your audio script to #funnydotcomp has now whooshed by, so we’d like to thank everyone who’s entered. We’re busy reading them now and are really looking forward to announcing the winners. On an unrelated note, can anyone lend us a thousand quid, we need to buy more printer ink.

Watch this space... Results to be announced later on in February...

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Funnydotcomp is your chance to have your funny radio script directed by a leader in the audio field, performed by a professional cast and potentially developed with a view to submitting it to broadcasters.

Pozzitive is one of the leading independent comedy producers - our TV shows include Victoria Wood's dinnerladies and Steve Coogan's Paul & Pauline Calf Video Diaries and Coogan's Run and our audio includes Cabin Pressure, Shush!, Agendum, Armando Iannucci's Charm Offensive, Kevin Eldon Will See You Now, Thanks A Lot, Milton Jones!, Jack & Millie, Tom Neenan's The Hauntening, Marcus Brigstocke's The Brig Society and Giles Wemmbley Hogg, Jeremy Hardy Speaks To The Nation, The 99p Challenge, Bigipedia, the list goes on...

... and then stops. So we need new stars, new scripts, new shows. That's where you come in.

You see normally we biff off to Edinburgh and see all your shows and then run around excitedly to talk about developing stuff for naming no names but eg Radio 4. But this year we literally couldn't. So we've decided to this instead...

FUNNYDOTCOMP is a competition where we select four radio scripts for more development. This will include -

  •  a detailed script-editing session by multi-award-winning producer/director David Tyler leading to -

  • a fully-rehearsed table read or mic'd-up performance, by a cast of actors (or your own team if it's a writer/performer-led script) and directed by David Tyler...

  • ... with a view to possible further development by Pozzitive and a submission to audio broadcasters

You can be a single writer, a team, an existing act, a writer/performer combo or just a devilishly-clever piece of text-generating software. If you have representation, you can submit it through your agent. The only criterion is that is must be a 30m audio comedy script that might reasonably be broadcast and form the nucleus of a series - no one-offs. It can be a sitcom or broken-comedy-but-with-a-premise. Sorry, we can't accept unlinked sketch shows this time out.

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